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WEt Room Installations

Creating a wet room in your dream bathroom couldn't be easier. Having developed over the last 10 years into an extremely popular shower style, Wetrooms can provide a large showering area with level access and wheelchair access. With the quality finish you would expect from Glasgow Bathroom Solutions, our wet rooms are 100% watertight and would make a stunning feature to your glasgow bathroom.


Wet Rooms used to be an expensive addition to bathrooms however as with so many things, over the years the cost of this type of shower fitting has become more affordable as they have become more popular.


What is the difference between a wet room and a shower room?


Your general bathroom is zoned where some areas are waterproof and others are not. So tiled areas around the bath are waterproofed but wooden floors are not. In a wet room, the entire room is a bit like a sealed waterproof bubble. The walls are specially treated and tiled as is the floor. This helps to stop leaks and dampness from penetrating anywhere else in your home. One of the great things about wet rooms is that there is no need for a shower tray as the water can simply drain away in the floor. This is especially handy for those looking for level access and wheelchair access.


Building a wet room in your home from scratch allows you to go right back to the basics.


The room becomes a blank canvas and allows you to layout everything the way you want it to. If your current bathroom is filled with a bathtub that you no longer use or want, adding a wet room shower can dramatically open up the space and increase the usability of the room and as an added bonus, add value to your home.


There are however some disadvantages to having a wet room and at Glasgow Bathroom Solutions, we always want to be upfront about these things so that you have everything you need laid out infront of you. Nothing is perfect and while the cost of wetrooms has come done, they still cost quite a lot and you need to reseal any porous stones regularly to ensure there are no leaks. Installing a wet room in your home is a fairly major project and the entire room needs to be cleared out and 'tanked' which involves adding plastic waterproof membranes to all the walls before tiling. We would also have to adjust the floor to create a slight angle so that water can be directed to the drain. There are other disadvantages but you get the idea - a wetroom can be a major undertaking and you can be without access to that room for about a fortnight (depending on the complexity of the room fitting).


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