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EN-SUITE GLASGOW Bathroom Installation

At Glasgow Bathroom Solutions, we can build and install all types of en-suite bathrooms for your home.

If you already have an en-suite bathroom fitted and are simply looking for an upgrade to your existing bathroom then we can re-tile your en-suite space and add new fixtures and fittings such as bathroom lighting, wet room and any bathroom cabinets. If it is electrical fittings or new plumbing put in - not a problem.


You may be considering extending your home or opening up an area for an en-suite bathroom. Glasgow Bathroom Solutions can carry out a survey of your home and give you some suggestions on how your next en-suite could be laid out.


A large room can easily be turned into a new room with en-suite bathroom. Modern building techniques and materials means that even in victorian homes with high ceilings etc, getting the dream en-suite bathroom that you are after is achievable.


There are many benefits of adding an en-suite bathroom to your home:


- You add another room in the house that can be used for showering and washing which frees up the main bathroom and makes life easier on a day to day basis.


- Having two bathrooms in the house when you have a larger family makes life a lot easier with an en-suite bathroom.


- An En-Suite bathroom will add value to your property.


- En-suite bathrooms create a private space, especially when you have guests staying over.


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