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At Glasgow Bathroom Solutions, we believe that a home should use its space to the best advantages of the home owners.


A lack of space should not hold you back when it comes to innovative bathroom design.


Cloakroom suites are designed to make the most of any space you have. And with so many stylish design options available, a lack of space doesn't mean you can’t have the cloakroom bathroom design of your dreams.


If you don't currently have a cloakroom that doesn't mean you can't have one.


At Glasgow Bathroom Solutions, we have built new cloakrooms into under stairs spaces from scratch. Building walls, adding plumbing and drainage, electrical fittings, plastering and painting. It is one of the reasons our customers like us so much. We truly are a one stop shop for all the services you need for a new bathroom. And our creativity and quality finish will always ensure you get a quality finished bathroom for a realistic cost.


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